Seaton School employs a positive behaviour policy. The school will always try to work closely with parents and carers because this leads to the greatest success – a child’s behaviour is seen as a joint responsibility between home and school.

a)    the home encourages respect for the school and its staff;

b)    the school staff shows consideration to both parents and pupils.


Praise and Encouragement

It is important that both parents and teachers keep in mind that PRAISE is much more effective in changing behaviour than reprimanding and punishment.

The school is a community and therefore relies on everyone having consideration for others.  All communities have rules which must be observed if the system is to run smoothly.  By encouraging the children to behave well and be thoughtful and considerate to others we are also helping them to become useful members of the much larger community to which we all belong.


Expectations – Rights and Responsibilities

It is essential that all pupils understand acceptable standards of behaviour, most of which are concerned with their safety and that of others.  Every child has a right to be happy in school – each pupil also has a responsibility to ensure that their behaviour does not impact on the opportunities of others in a negative way.  Parents are informed when a pattern of behaviour is causing concern and the child is not responding to restorative practice.



Children are regularly reminded of the three school rules:

  • do as you are asked;
  • use appropriate language;
  • keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.


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